Introducing AdvantixBLITZ™

A game-changing mobility as-a-service solution for partners and their customers.


AdvantixBLITZ™ is an industry-first cloud-based API that enables end-to-end mobile procurement with carrier systems. It is the engine that drives Advantix’s renowned mobile TEM and help desk service to enterprises and government organizations across the globe.

AdvantixBLITZ™ also is available “as a service” to select strategic partners, giving them multi-carrier one-stop-shop access to wireless inventory, provider equipment and plan catalog, billing data, payment processing, store orders and customer care – all automated and streamlined to make servicing customers easier and less expensive.


  • Enterprises directly or through ITSMs like ServiceNow or Remedy
  • Mobile TEMs and help desk providers (white label or BYO portal)
  • Wireless solution providers (SPs) and fulfillment partners
  • Master agents interested in automating order processing and commissions for sub-agents
  • VARs and other technology SPs that want to leapfrog the expense and development required to become a wireless fulfillment provider

AdvantixBLITZ™ jettisons the need to develop your own API integration while enhancing operations and customer service levels with real-time access to device inventory and pricing, and instantaneous ordering. Additional benefits:

  • Eliminates the need to use carrier order processing systems
  • Streamlines order processing workflow
  • Reduces call volume
  • Enhances ability to maintain SLAs
  • Decreases error rate (no chair swiveling to re-key info)
  • Enables credit card processing without setup or certs
  • Allows access to new revenue streams
  • Facilitates a superior customer experience

No need for multiple integrations with carriers.
No need for a dedicated technology staff to build and maintain a platform.
No labor-intensive manual processing of wireless orders and payments.

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