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You know what we’re passionate about. Here’s how we do it. Customization. It’s as simple as that. We pride ourselves on the ability to be flexible to meet the varied needs of our customers. You will never get an out of the box solution from Advantix.

Advantix takes a comprehensive approach targeting mobility, traditional telecom, and utilities. We facilitate everything from telecom audit and recovery to enterprise mobility management, and deliver an integrated plan that meets all of our clients’ business needs. Our beliefs are predicated on the ability to provide every organization a tailored solution that not only meets their needs, but gives them the freedom to develop and grow their business. Our services, flexibility, and customizations do just that.

When organizations try to provide support for their telecom program, IT usually carries the bulk of the responsibility.  However, other departments can often be appropriated for support such as, purchasing, operations, and even, human resources. This method puts undue stress on departments that do not have the bandwidth or the know how to provide the control, visibility and security that is critical to run a successful telecom program.