Asset management, accurate reporting, mobile communication


Distribution and logistics require asset tracking more than any other industry. Asset monitoring runs the gambit from a product on the shelf to a truck on the highway. Telematics is one of the ways companies ensure the delivery of goods are tracked and monitored appropriately making their deliveries more efficient. In distribution, a telemetry device is an asset and has a cost associated with it. Like any asset, it needs to be tracked and connected to the right cost center. Advantix supports the need to do this.

With the deployment of these devices, managers have visibility into deliveries from dock to door, both seeing where the truck is and also the progress of the delivery. This allows them to identify and resolve any problems as they arise. Advantix can oversee and manage the procurement of these devices as well as monitor their use and ensure their security. By doing so, we can create a continuity of devices that meet the needs of distribution professionals.

Another thing to consider in the distribution channel is the sales professional. Sales in the field rely on mobile devices to be supported and connect to CRM platforms that allow them to actively track opportunities. By reporting them in real time, they’re able to more efficiently streamline work related responsibilities focus on the sale rather than the busy work.

Distribution and Logistics considerations when looking for asset tracking and mobile solutions:

  • Securing stolen or lost data
  • Improved customer experience
  • Mobile access to critical information and platforms
  • Resource realignment
  • Reporting and visibility