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The finance industry depends on the mobility of their workforce. And mobile workers require….mobility. With the influx of these workers, access to information and platforms such as web, intranet, and CRM is critical. Their devices act as mini computers that tie in to these modes of information and allow them to, not only work from home, but anywhere in the world. As you would imagine, the tracking and monitoring of these mobile assets—that have sensitive financial data on them from key clients—is crucial and goes beyond typical security measures.

Custom applications are also an important aspect of the banking and financial industries. With the growing customer demand of information on the go, Advantix can help with the development of custom mobile applications specific to the banking industry. Mobile access to financial data is now the norm.

Finance and banking considerations when looking for security and mobile solutions:

  • Securing stolen or lost data
  • Mobile access to critical information and platforms
  • Secure file and document sharing
  • Resource allocation
  • Reporting and visibility