Data security, regulatory compliance, streamline budget


There are tighter budgets on Capitol Hill right now in fact, tighter budgets in government in general. From federal, state, and local levels, government entities are looking for ways to streamline their budgets while, at the same time, increase budget efficiency. Our solution set and technology platforms allow them to do just that.

Advantix can help deploy solutions creating cost efficiencies and enhancing communication technologies to allow the ability to reprogram funds for other purposes. In government, information security is a priority, especially at the federal level. Email is the primary communication method for many government bodies. With the ability to access this information from mobile devices, a lost smart phone can be catastrophic for officials where planned legislation, budgets, and schedules need to be held under lock and key.

Government is going through a transition from paper to digital documentation as well. Advantix services directly align their desire to expand technology and make their evolution a successful one.

Government considerations when looking for cost optimization and technology:

  • Securing stolen or lost data
  • Streamlined transition from paper to digital
  • Secure file and document sharing
  • Resource allocation
  • Reporting and visibility