Data security, regulation compliance, critical communication


Advantix can tailor an expense management, security solution that is designed specifically for the healthcare industry. With growing technologies being leveraged within today’s advanced healthcare system, we can custom tailor expense and asset management solutions to monitor and contain costs on all devices. From a security perspective, we can deploy custom solutions designed to ensure patient security and adhere to strict HIPPA Regulations. This is a critical aspect of our solution set as we can ensure that the sensitive information being communicated via countless mobile devices is safe, secure and only available to authorized personnel.

Our solutions also support custom applications for prescribing medications, accessing patient records and communicating between staff. This documentation needs to be locked down; patient records probably being the most important. Our solutions also offer the ability to secure content and restrict the amount of time information is viewable which a valuable addition to ensuring security of content.

Healthcare considerations when looking for Mobility Management:

  • Ensuring mobile device passcode protection
  • Stolen or lost data
  • Secure file and document sharing
  • Screen shot and data security

With the exponential growth of technology in the healthcare industry, it is important to not only monitor mobile assets, but also control costs and free up resources to focus on the core responsibilities. Cost control and optimization is a critical component of our solution as it allows the healthcare industry, in particular, to save money and reallocate funds toward their original purpose, saving lives.