Visiblity, compliance reporting, cost reduction


Restaurants and hospitality organizations are joining the mobile revolution in droves. These new mobile devices allow both industries to better serve customers and guests in a variety of ways. For instance, some restaurants employ mobile devices to support automated ordering systems which minimize customer wait times. Not only do these devices require data security, they also need to be managed and monitored to protect against lost, stolen or damaged devices. The demand for online orders and reservations are also requiring the need for dedicated phone lines and internet connectivity to handle the flow. Both voice and data elements have expenses associated with them and need to be tracked for auditing purposes and safeguard against overspend or unnecessary charges. Hospitality is also confronted with some of the same challenges as the restaurant industry–especially as they continue to provide additional services like spas, gyms, stores and even restaurants. Along with security and device management, hospitality depends on custom application development as a way to better serve their clientele. Advantix’s custom application development provides expertise especially in the restaurant and hospitality industries by understanding their needs from a mobile and expense management perspective. Access, security, and dependability are vital in this area. Restaurant and Hospitality considerations when looking for expense and mobile solutions:

  • Securing stolen or lost data
  • POS integrity
  • Improved customer experience
  • Custom application development
  • Mobile access to critical information and platforms
  • Resource realignment
  • Reporting and visibility