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BlueKloud: The Evolution of Communication Management

Internet of Things (IoT) applications could have an $11 Trillion impact by 2025, driving the biggest change to the technology landscape in a generation. Advantix is innovating once again by acquiring BlueKloud, the world’s first IoT platform that turns legacy assets into smart and connected devices while turning legacy data into a new class of predictive analytics with Cognitive Computing.

Bryan Merckling, CEO of BlueKloud discusses how The Internet of Things and Predictive Analytics will change your business.

Pitfalls of Poor Telecom Management

Avoid these common mistakes organizations make with their Telecom Programs.

A Day in the Life of a Telecom Bill

Learn how we provide clients the ability to consolidate their invoices from all carriers into a simple invoicing program managed by Advantix.

5 Reasons Companies aren’t Choosing an MMS Provider

Partner Round table: Advantix Top Partners discuss hot topics, latest trends, and add insight into how they navigate the changing landscape of the telecom industry. Register for the dates below and make sure you don’t miss some valuable input and maybe a friendly debate or two.

ADAM Webcast

We are excited to introduce you to our fully customizable, comprehensive, analytic smart suite. We’ve put a lot of time, research, and a little bit of love into the creation of ADAM and we can’t wait to share it with the world. Learn how ADAM can be combined with your current management platform to achieve access to powerful data metrics.

Quick Win Webinar Series

Quick Win Webinars will focus on our solutions in action, Channel Managers will speak with a featured Partner or Client to cover the solution provided in more detail as well as the partner engagement process with the clients.

Kimberly Moore Presents Partner Strategy and Engagement

Kim Honzell Presents Fixed Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Kimberly Moore Presents Optimization & Mobility Management (MMS)

Matt Milhauser Present Mobile Device Management (MDM) 

Chuck Taylor Presents Audit & Recovery and Telecom Expense management (TEM)

Kimberly Moore Presents Optimization & Mobility Management (MMS)