Mobility Management (MMS)

Ongoing analysis, visibility, and support of your mobile infrastructure.

Mobility Management / MMS

Advantix takes care of your wireless management headache even as your needs grow and change. With our Account Management Services, you can dramatically reduce the amount of time your organization spends administering its wireless phone accounts. Advantix also guarantees savings contractually.

Allowing Advantix to manage your wireless phones can lower your internal administrative costs, expedite wireless support and trouble ticket resolution, raise accountability standards for users and locations, and lower your overall costs.

Let your organization focus on what it does best, and let us take care of your wireless management headache. As your needs grow and change, you can be confident that your organization has the best-managed, most cost-effective wireless solution possible.

Resources Include:

  • Support
  • Monthly Analysis
  • Ongoing Optimization
  • Customized Reporting
  • Help Desk
  • Consolidated Billing