Advantix Recycling Program

Save the environment and your money


­Why Partner with Advantix for Your Recycling Program?
Advantix cares about the community that we serve, work and live in. We have been in the telecom business since 2001 and are experts in mobile device management. We can help your organization embrace a green policy and provide a program for the responsible recycling of devices. Join us and help us make the world a better place.

Advantix will purchase your mobile phones at least 2% above top recycling firms. In addition, Advantix provides fast payment and reporting helping you turn depreciated assets into additional revenue in a socially responsible way.

Advantix recycles your end-of-life technology such as laptops, tablets, cell phones and accessories at NO COST. Broken technology is destroyed in an eco-friendly manner. Working technology and components are wiped, refurbished, reset, and recycled with a portion of the proceeds returned to the organization.

Every device recycled undergoes a rigorous, multi-step data wiping process. Our quality assurance department retests each device to make certain your sensitive information has been completely sanitized.

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