Strategic Consulting

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Strategic Consulting

When it comes to selecting the optimal wireless solution for your organization, it often makes sense to engage potential providers in an RFP (request for proposal) process. Unfortunately, without expert assistance, it can be difficult to navigate the multiple–and often contradictory–proposals you will receive from the competing providers.

Advantix can provide expert consulting services to help you progress efficiently and effectively through the RFP process to ensure the best possible result for your business. 

Advantix will:

  • Develop RFP requirements
  • Identify candidate providers and representatives
  • Assist in evaluating responses
  • Provide on-site negotiation support
  • Assist in provider selection
  • Review proposed contracts
  • Provide on-location rollout support
  • Oversee provider compliance with negotiated terms & conditions
  • And more…

By utilizing Advantix Wireless RFP Management services your organization will achieve superior results in a compressed time frame.