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Not So Risky Business: Outsourcing Telecom Expense Management

Written By: Advantix Channel Manager – Kim Honzell

I have been in the telecom industry for over 20 years. I admit, I have tried to get out a few times, but I keep getting lured back in. There have been so many amazing advances in technology within my 20 year tenure. The first cell phone I sold, brought $3000 dollars commission and I had to manually install it into the trunk of a Bentley. Desk phones used to actually be connected to a phone (POT’s) line, not the cloud.

However, the one item that has not changed is the constant drone of leaders in technology saying:

Why is that? I believe it is because executives within technology departments have been burned by the risks involved in change.

For Example:

I wish I could say that these risks could be eliminated
But that can’t be guaranteed. That would be like selling you a T1 at $1000 a month on a 5 year contract.

What I can say is, with the right solution, leaders within their own organizations can significantly reduce these risks. With visibility into spend, accurate inventory, and monitored contract compliance, the risks are so much lower.

Advantix provides companies the visibility to make the decisions needed to move forward with the right technology; accuracy to forecast a correct budget; and the tools to consolidate and evaluate the invoices to prevent late fees, cramming/slamming. Our clients are able to work with their own trusted advisor. Their partner with whom they’ve always done business, with no fear of “Rip and Replace.”

The challenge is finding a solution that does not introduce more risk, which is what makes Advantix very different. Advantix is carrier agnostic. No commissions received or kick-backs from any carrier. No investors to report to and no parent company that manages from afar.

We don’t add more work to your team, as we are not a SaaS. We are People + Software + Processes! Our mission is to help our customers alleviate expense and improve business productivity through the design and delivery of service oriented solutions.

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July 30th, 2015 by admin

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