Audit and Optimization

Advantix audits have saved enterpriseclients over $1 billion.

Overbilling, duplicate charges and errors have a sizeable impact on the bottom line of virtually every company. Indeed, Gartner has found that billing errors are not outliers; they are the norm and often lead to significant overspending. A risk-free audit can remedy that by converting costly overcharges and other errors into credits and lowering total spend going forward.



We are experts at uncovering unnecessary telecom expenses, over-purchased services and billing errors. Achieving significant savings during an Advantix audit is almost guaranteed.

We Build

We collect the information needed to build and validate your telecom inventory.

We Inspect

We perform a forensic audit to uncover billing errors and recover the money you are owed.

We Corroborate

We confirm that services are being billed in compliance with contracts, service orders and tariffs.

We Optimize

Our process produces valuable recommendations that drive efficiencies and reduce spend.


Wireless expense management is insanely difficult to keep in check. We can fix that in just one billing cycle, and with no out-of-pocket expenses to your organization.

We Analyze

Three months of invoices to identify areas of savings: (1) rate plan (2) features (3) zero-use.

We Don’t Disrupt

We conduct the optimization behind the scenes so you can stay focused on your business.

We Move Fast

No need for carrier changes or lengthy contract negotiations to deliver significant savings.

We Provide a Plan

We deliver an overview of our findings and an action plan to deliver immediate savings.

We Do It for You

Once you have approved our recommendations, we make the changes on your behalf.

We Verify

We confirm your carrier(s) implemented the changes and related invoices are accurate.

“Advantix is our go-to partner for fixed TEM and WEM audits. In fact, our customers are so pleased with the results that they often expand their relationship with Advantix to include managed TEM and mobility services.”

– Chance Sassano, Director Solutions Architecture, Truwerks