Internet of Things

Commercial-ready IoT Solutions

Advantix is an IoT aggregrator that integrates best-of-breed IoT solutions into one platform. This makes it easier for partners and customers to source, design, deploy and manage IoT solutions.

We provide prepackaged end-to-end IoT offerings that include software, hardware and connectivity, as well as customized solutions with endless integrations – all streamlined and easy to manage through our TLM platform.

Turnkey Solutions

We offer a range of easy-to-set-up IoT solutions for organizations in healthcare, hospitality, transportation, retail, food service, education and other verticals.

Refrigeration Monitoring

Monitor temperature conditions of walk-in coolers, freezers, and other food storage areas to maintain proper food safety. Plus, door open/close monitoring.

Ambient Room Monitoring

Monitor ambient conditions of rooms to ensure inventory protection. Spikes in temperature and humidity can cause damage to equipment, materials, and goods.

Temperature Monitoring

Temperature monitoring for barns, sheds and other outdoor facilities that protect livestock and other valuable assets dependent on temperature conditions.

Motion Detection

Detects the movement of people, animals and objects indoors in real-time while monitoring ambient temperature and light to track occupancy and ensure comfort.

Door Monitoring

Get notified when a door is opened or closed for a length of time. If a monitored door has been open for five minutes, for example, a text message alerts security.

Panic Button Alerts

Ensure employee and customer safety by placing buttons on walls, under desks or on lanyards. When activated, text and email alerts are sent in case of emergencies.

Leak Detection

Avoid expensive repairs by getting alerts when water is detected in bathrooms, utility closets and other areas where appliances such as water heaters are present.

Service Request

When stock needs refilling, staff and customers alike push the button next to the item. An alert is sent and an order to replenish follows to the appropriate party.

Smoke Detection

Wireless smoke sensors with a 3+ year battery life are easy to install and more secure than WiFi, enabling you to stay compliant without the complexity of wiring.

Survey Monitoring

Improve the customer experience at every touch point and increase customer loyalty with real-time satisfaction monitoring.

Gas Monitoring

Wireless sensors measure Co2 and other gas PPM (parts per million). These sensors are special-built for specific use cases.

Tank Level Monitoring

Monitor and measure grain and water levels that rise and fall in storage bins and silos. Receive alerts and reports on the levels.

The Advantix Difference

The team at Advantix was deploying machine-to-machine networks before the term IoT originated. If you find IoT complex, fragmented and headache-inducing, reach out to us. We make it simple.

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