Help Desk


Advantix help desk solutions support a wide range of technologies and applications to reduce downtime, improve operational efficiencies and increase profitability for midsize and enterprise businesses.

Help Desk Support

* Up to 24x7x365 availability
* U.S.-based service personnel
* Tier 1 and tier 2 resources
* Email, phone, web and chat support
* Ticketing system integration
* Incident management (e.g. MACD)
* Application support
* Configurable IVR
* Reporting of key statistics
* 90% first call resolution rate

Expense Management

* Auditing and allocation of invoices
* Monitoring for variance and bill errors
* Invoice consolidation and bill payment
* Bill dispute management
* Moves, adds, changes and disconnects
* Reports and business intelligence
* ERP and ITSM integration assistance
* Reduction of labor costs (up to 90%)

Device Management

* MDM Implementation services
* Policy and compliance rules creation
* End-user onboarding
* Training for administrator/end-users
* Device enrollment/de-enrollment
* Wipe or selective wipe
* Lost or stolen workflow assistance
* Application management
* Policy change and push
* Technical support and more

Device Logistics

* Procurement of new devices and accessories
* Device configuration and security enrollment
* Asset reporting for inventory control
* Kitting and staging with documentation
* User and company-specific instructions
* Shipment to end users
* Same-day turnaround
* Decommissioning/device recycling and more

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