Vroom Vroom

The “Lambo” of Multicarrier SIM Technology

Our award-winning SmartSIM provides universal WAN connectivity with auto-failover by seamlessly connecting to leading carriers in the U.S., and 600+ providers globally. It is the “Lambo” of multi-carrier SIM technology with millisecond turbo carrier switching and feature-rich functionality.

Exciting options including carrier priority

Fast over-the-air (OTA) updates

Powerful network tuning

Meticulous application control

High-performance security with DPI

A dreamy dashboard with analytics

Certified Devices

The following devices have been certified by Advantix for use with SmartSIM. Advantix has a robust and fast validation and onboarding process. If you would like Advantix to test a device for certification, please email


Our fully redundant global IP network with a scalable and robust core carrier network ensures the highest internet service availability across 190 countries and 600+ mobile carrier networks. Whether it’s 5G, 4G/LTE or 3G, we will dynamically find the best available network for your application.

  • Access to 600+ mobile carrier networks
  • 4G/LTE coverage in 160+ countries
  • 5G coverage in 48 countries
  • Redundant data centers in North America
  • Data centers in Hong Kong and Amsterdam

Carrier Switching

Advantix’s easy-to-use SaaS platform gives clients the ability to access real-time data on network performance and carrier switching. In the example below, the customer’s SmartSIM-enabled devices switched carriers an average of 68 times per month. In other words, auto-failover occurred more than two times a day on average, ensuring persistent connectivity no matter the location.


Pervasive Universal Coverage

Over-The-Air (OTA) Updates

Real-Time Reporting/Analytics

Cybersecurity with DPI

Network Tuning/Carrier Priority

Network Event Monitoring

Data Plans

Advantix offers a domestic and international data plans to accommodate the unique needs of customers utilizing a range of devices including handheld/rugged handheld computers, scanners, laptops, tablets, routers, MiFi and IoT devices.

Domestic Offering

  • Multi-carrier connectivity to leading carriers and regional network providers
  • Custom plans from 1MB to 100GB, plus an unlimited option *

International Offering

  • Multi-carrier connectivity to 600+ carriers spanning the globe
  • Custom plans from 1MB to 100GB, plus an unlimited option *

* Unlimited cellular connectivity is for business-enabled services for a flat monthly fee (VPN, remote access, authorized ports, enterprise applications, and business-approved URLs). It is for single-use devices and does not include IoT and router use cases.

Less Hassle

No need to choose a carrier or worry about signal strength globally.

Better Coverage

Get the best coverage whether you stay in a fixed location or travel.

Lower Connectivity Costs

Competitive, pre-negotiated carrier pricing reduces total spend.

Superior Security

Deep packet inspection at the network layer and content filtering.

Robust Reporting

Our SaaS platform provides mobility analytics in real time.

Easier Management

Eliminate managing multiple carriers, contracts and invoices.