SmartSIM-Enabled Solutions

Connect SIM-enabled hardware devices to the best-performing network regardless of location.


The Advantix SmartSIM solution pairs any WAN-capable hardware that accepts a SIM card – handheld scanners, mobile computers, tablets, cellular routers and more – with the best available cellular network connectivity. There’s no need to choose a carrier or worry about wireless signal strength because the SIM intelligently bonds to the best coverage from AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon in the U.S. and other leading providers around the globe.

SmartSIM ordering is processed via our TLM (Telecom Lifecycle Manager) SaaS platform and integrated with BLITZ™, an API that enables end-to-end procurement with carrier systems. This provides a single entry point for fulfillment and enables you to issue requests in real time. It also allows you to manage an entire fleet of wireless devices, carrier services, contracts and monthly spend in a single system, as well as access analytics and real-time reporting that can improve business outcomes.

SmartSIM Scanner

More for Less

Lower Connectivity Costs
Competitive, pre-negotiated carrier pricing reduces total spend.
Improved Coverage
SmartSIM intelligently connects to the best-performing wireless network on each data session and enhances network redundancy with automatic failover.
Superior Security
SmartSIM provides deep packet inspection at the network layer to apply virus, malware and content filtering.
Seamless Ordering and Billing
No need to shop for price, mess with account setup, or manage multiple contracts and invoices.
Robust Reporting/Analytics
Business intelligence in real-time with Advantix’s SaaS management platform.
Managed Services
Add-on services are available to manage and optimize lines and activations, track zero-usage devices and deliver cost allocation reporting to departments or end customers.


Domestic Offering (VZ, ATT, & T-Mobile)

  • IoT Devices: Custom plans from 5MB – 5GB
  • Tablets, Laptops, Mi-Fi: Business Enabled, Unlimited LTE Connectivity*

International Offering (500 Tier 1 Carriers)

  • IOT Devices: Custom plans from 5MB – 5GB
  • Tablets, Laptops, Mi-Fi: Roam like a local with daily, monthly, or pooled plans
  • Tablets, Laptops, Mi-Fi: Business Enabled, Unlimited LTE Connectivity*

* Unlimited cellular connectivity for business enabled services for a flat monthly fee (VPN, Remote Access, Authorized Ports, Enterprise Applications, and Business Approved URLs)

Certified Devices

The following devices have been certified by Advantix for use with SmartSIM. If you would like Advantix to test a device for certification, please email

  • Handheld Scanners
    • Cipher Labs RS51_HS
    • Honeywell Dolphin CT40 and CT60
    • Panasonic FZN1
    • Zebra TC25, TC56 EOL ATT TMO, TC57, TC75 and TC77
  • Routers
    • BEC 6300VNL and MX-200Ae
    • CradlePoint IBR900-LT6
  • Rugged Handhelds
    • Cat S48C Handset
    • Sonim XP8800 Global Handset
    • Unitech EA500 Plus Barcode Scanning Smartphone
    • Unitech EA602 Mobile Computer
    • Unitech PA760 Mobile Computer
  • Smartphones
    • Apple iPhone XR
  • Tablets
    • Apple iPad 6 Generation
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 SM-T395 and 3 SM-T827
    • Panasonic ToughPad
    • Unitech TB85
    • Zebra ET55

IP & Core Network

Fully redundant global IP network with a scalable and robust core carrier network will ensure the highest internet service availability with the lowest latency, across 210 countries and 600+ mobile carriers’ networks. If it’s 3G or LTE we will dynamically find the best available network for your application.

  • Access to 600+ mobile carriers
  • 3G coverage in 210 countries
  • LTE coverage in 120+ countries
  • Three data centers: UK, USA, Hong Kong
  • Low latency
  • High availability

Advanced Features

Security features include: DDoS attack protection, Botnet disruption, Malware scanning and prevention, Phishing prevention and Real-time malicious traffic monitoring.

  • Cyber security
  • Bandwidth performance management
  • Quality of service (QoS)
  • Deep packet inspection (DPI)
  • Traffic shaping

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