One SIM to Rule Them All

Our award-winning multi-carrier SmartSIM solution pairs any WAN-capable hardware that accepts a SIM card – handheld scanners, mobile computers, tablets, cellular routers, IoT devices and more – with the best-performing cellular network for persistent connectivity and inherent redundancy.

E-SIM Provisioning Available on IoS Devices

Our first-of-its-kind EID matching method enables businesses to quickly provision SmartSIM data plans across their entire user base without purchasing and inserting physical SIMs. <learn more about eSIM>

Less Hassle

No need to choose a carrier or worry about signal strength globally.

Better Coverage

Get the best coverage whether you stay in a fixed location or travel.

Lower Connectivity Costs

Competitive, pre-negotiated carrier pricing reduces total spend.

Superior Security

Deep packet inspection at the network layer and content filtering.

Robust Reporting

Our SaaS platform provides mobility analytics in real time.

Easier Management

Eliminate managing multiple carriers, contracts and invoices.

Domestic Offering (VZ, ATT, & T-Mobile)

  • IoT Devices: Custom plans from 5MB – 5GB
  • Tablets, Laptops, Mi-Fi: Business Enabled, Unlimited LTE Connectivity*

International Offering (500 Tier 1 Carriers)

  • IOT Devices: Custom plans from 5MB – 5GB
  • Tablets, Laptops, Mi-Fi: Roam like a local with daily, monthly, or pooled plans
  • Tablets, Laptops, Mi-Fi: Business Enabled, Unlimited LTE Connectivity*

* Unlimited cellular connectivity for business enabled services for a flat monthly fee (VPN, Remote Access, Authorized Ports, Enterprise Applications, and Business Approved URLs)

The following devices have been certified by Advantix for use with SmartSIM. If you would like Advantix to test a device for certification, please email

  • Desk Phone
    • TikloT 801 and 920
  • Handheld Scanners/Computers
    • Caterpillar SC48C Handset
    • Caterpillar S42
    • Chainway c66, c70 and c72e
    • CipherLab RS35 and RS51_HS
    • Custom P-Ranger RP310 and K-Ranger ROW
    • Datalogic Memor 10 and 20
    • Honeywell CT40XP, CN80 and CT60
    • Panasonic FZ-N1E and FZ-T1
    • Samsung A51 and S8
    • Sonim XP8 Global and XP5800 -Vzw
    • Telaeris C6 and XPID100-V01-B2N-F0
    • Unitech EA500 Plus Barcode Scanning Smartphone
    • Unitech EA520, EA602, EA630, HT730 and PA760
    • Zebra EC55, TC25, TC26AK, TC56, TC57, and TC77
  • Mobile Hotspots
    • Inseego MiFi 8800L VZW and Skyus160
    • Novatel MiFi 7000
    • Wizo K5
  • Mobile Routers
    • BEC 6300VNL and MX-200Ae
    • CradlePoint AER 1600, AER 2200, C7A, CBA 850, IBR900-LT6, IBR1700, 1200M-B/C188, 600M, W4005-5G, 150M-D/C4D
    • Digi EX15
    • Fortinet FortiExtender
    • Peplink MAX-BR1-Mini-LTE-US-T
    • Quectel One Point Device
  • Modems
    • JACS TD191 USB
    • Novatel USB 730U
  • POS Terminals
    • HP Engage Go Mobile System
    • Ingenico Move 5000
    • Touch Dynamic Quest VIII
  •  Smartphones
    • Apple iPhone SE-Gen2/XR/11/12
  • Tablets
    • Apple iPad 6+ Generation
    • FOXXD T8
    • Honeywell RT10
    • Microsoft Surface Pro
    • Panasonic FZ-G1
    • Samsung Active 2, Active 3, Tab 5 SE, Tab Active Pro, Galaxy Tab S7 5G
    • Samsung Tab A – ATT Model SM-T387AA and VZW Model SM-T387v
    • Unitech TB85
    • Zebra ET56DE
  • Vehicle Hubs
    • IntelLINK In Vehicle Hub
  • Wearables
    • Unitech WD200

Fully redundant global IP network with a scalable and robust core carrier network will ensure the highest internet service availability with the lowest latency, across 210 countries and 600+ mobile carriers’ networks. If it’s 3G or LTE we will dynamically find the best available network for your application.

  • Access to 600+ mobile carriers
  • 3G coverage in 210 countries
  • LTE coverage in 120+ countries
  • Three data centers: UK, USA, Hong Kong
  • Low latency
  • High availability

Security features include: DDoS attack protection, Botnet disruption, Malware scanning and prevention, Phishing prevention and Real-time malicious traffic monitoring.

  • Cyber security
  • Bandwidth performance management
  • Quality of service (QoS)
  • Deep packet inspection (DPI)
  • Traffic shaping