SmartSIM Voice™ Powered by Zoom leverages Advantix SmartSIM technology to provide voice service over wireless data networks. It can be bundled with SmartSIM-certified devices like tablets, handheld data terminals and smartphones to provide reliable and cost competitive voice service from any location around the globe.

SmartSIM Voice™ Benefits

Easy to Use

Zoom, the largest UCaaS provider in the world, has an excellent software app that is intuitive and easy to use. Simply tap on the icon to dial or text.

Easy to Manage

You have one service provider, one solution, one SKU, one price, and one bill for mobile voice and data service – and a 24x7 helpdesk if needed.

Easy on Your Wallet

Advantix offers competitive programs including an unlimited SmartSIM data + voice/text plan that will save you money. No variables or runaway costs.

Robust Features

All of Zoom’s phone features are available including text, picture and group messaging; voicemail; caller ID; call conferencing; call recording; and voicemail transcription.

Persistent Connectivity

When voice is critical for your team in the field, know that SmartSIM connects to the best available carrier network for persistent connectivity and inherent redundancy.

Worry Free Billing

If you exceed the minutes in your plan, we bump you to the next tier without charging overages – eliminating the need for monitoring or worrying about usage.

World-Class Coverage

Global Voice Service
SmartSIM is a multi-carrier, single-SIM solution that seamlessly connects to carriers worldwide without having to swap equipment, SIMs or add expensive global roaming plans. One SIM, 5 domestic carriers and 600+ carriers globally.

Safe and Secure
SmartSIM provides deep packet inspection at the network layer to apply virus, malware and content filtering while Zoom’s platform provides 256-Bit GCM Encryption that meets both HIPAA & SOC-2 compliance.

Enterprise-Class Capabilities

One App for Multiple Communication Channels
Seamlessly make and receive calls and texts (SMS), chat, and participate in group meetings.

Voicemail to Email
Voicemail notifications are delivered via email with transcription of the message and an audio file attachment.

Call Conferencing
3-way ad hoc conference calling enables you to quickly add a third caller to an in-progress phone call.

Call Recording
On-demand and full-time recording, transcriptions and playback allows you to easily archive and retrieve phone conversations.


Yes, this voice-over-data service works on 3G, 4G and LTE networks.

Yes, if the device is 5G-enabled.

Yes, there is a Zoom icon. Once in the Zoom app, just tap the phone icon.

Simply launch the Zoom app and dial or text.

Yes. The device will ring like a standard phone.

No, once you have installed the mobile app and logged in initially, you may close the Zoom Meetings app on your mobile device and you will still receive notifications on text messages, incoming calls and voicemails.

Yes, however, you can only be signed into Zoom on one computer, tablet and or phone at a time. If you are logged into one device and log into a second device, you will be logged out of the first device automatically.

Yes, Zoom supports three-way ad hoc conference calls.

You can easily add or merge a third party to any existing phone call on demand. For larger audio-conferencing calls, you can use Zoom Meetings.

Yes. The voice solution works worldwide.