As a TEM provider for over 20 years, we accumulated a vast library of market knowledge and best practices across carriers, contracts, billing, tools and support. This cache of industry knowledge is the foundation for our MCx strategy, which centers on the customer experience. We call it The MCx™ because it represents the ultimate simplification of the connected experience and there’s nothing like it in the marketplace.

The platform behind our MCx model supports our own cellular connectivity solutions, but also integrates directly with carrier systems through their APIs. This enables our account teams, customers and business partners to manage multiple carriers, data plans, SIMs, circuits, devices, invoices and payments on a single pane of glass.

Introducing BLITZ™

AdvantixBLITZ™ integrates our systems directly with carriers through their APIs. This allows our help desk personnel, customers and partners to have multi-carrier access to device inventory, equipment, plan catalogs, billing data, payment processing, store orders and customer care via one system.

BLITZ™ is available “as a service” to select strategic partners, eliminating the need to build and maintain their own platform and develop API integrations.

Expense Management

Getting TEM and WEM management right drives growth and  cost savings. Advantix, a leader in technology expense management since 2002, has processed more than 6 billion transactions for customers and saved them nearly $500 million.

Connectivity Management

Advantix makes it easy to secure and manage reliable single-carrier and multi-carrier wireless connectivity anywhere in the world. You get the coverage you need without the overhead  required to manage multiple carriers and contracts.

Device Management

Our easy-to-use dashboards give administrators real-time visibility into device and user information details. You can easily enroll and manage virtually any wireless device from a single console and configure and update device settings over the air.

Asset Management

We automate the full lifecycle management of all fixed telecom and mobile assets that do not have a monthly recurring charge. This gives you visibility into every piece of equipment tied to networks and services supporting your organization.

Inventory Management

We track and manage all inventory with a recurring charge – network services, circuit IDs, POTS lines, etc. – to enhance visibility, ensure your contracts and billing are aligned and that you have accurate data when making enterprise technology decisions.

Order Management

Our platform, systems and preconfigured workflows streamline the orders you send to carriers. This drives seamless approval and implementation. It also ensures accurate cost-center allocations and reporting by location, department or other groups.

Invoice Management

We collect invoices from you or your suppliers, review them for accuracy and submit them for approval in our TLM platform. To make things even easier, we can pay the invoices for you and allocate the transactions to align with your general ledger codes, cost accounting codes, and HR systems.

ITSM Integrations

Leverage your investment in existing ITSM software by integrating it with BLITZ™. This gives you the ability to submit orders and requests to carriers through ITSM software and enables real-time implementation of MACDs. Status updates flow back to your ITSM and end users.

Business Intelligence

ADAM, our comprehensive analytic intelligence platform, provides "what if" and several other analysis tools that deliver actionable insights related to cost performance, operational efficiency, productivity and savings rates by provider, plan and device type.

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