Reporting and Analytics


ADAM, our comprehensive analytic intelligence platform, creates actionable insights that promote operational efficiency, productivity and smarter business decisions. It is a web-based system that gives you access to statistical data and advanced forecasting from any web-accessible location.

Analysis Tools

Choose from a range of toolkits to help you better understand, plan and manage your telecom environment.


Leverage “what if” analysis tools and measure the financial impact of various purchasing, growth and policy enhancements.


Utilize statistical control charting to identify the progress of newly implemented initiatives and usage policies.


Monitor cost performance and savings rates globally or by provider, plan, device types or custom categories.


Use preconfigured forecasting to determine your current cost, growth and cumulative spend trajectories.

Geospatial Mapping

Manage your global platform by utilizing ADAM’s geospatial mapping. View the behavior, spend, asset and inventory statistics for each department or location in your organization across virtually any hierarchy structure.

Mobile Device Drill Downs

Dynamically drill down into targeted individual user reports containing a comprehensive breakdown of a selected user’s spend and usage activity over time.

Advanced Formulas and Calculations

Access powerful modules – forecasting and predictive analytics, indices and inflation, and statistical control charts – designed to turn data into actionable insights.

Cross Platform Integration

ADAM™ integrates with a variety of software platforms, allowing you to view critical data within the core interface and access comprehensive reports for your organization or department.

Share and Customize

Easily export content to share with team members at the click of a button. Customize your dashboards, tools and reports to reflect charts, metrics and designs of your choosing.

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