Fixed TEM

Full Lifecycle Management

Gartner and other research firms consistently identify telecom as among the most challenging categories for finance and IT teams to manage. This often leads to massive overspending. Our fully managed TEM services remedy that.

Say goodbye to…

✓ Overpayments
✓ Rogue Spending
✓ Surplus services
✓ Out-of-market rates
✓ Inventory hassles
✓ Billing headaches
✓ Hours dealing with carriers

End-to-End Management

Our approach ensures you have the right technology for your environment at the lowest-possible cost and that repetitive, labor-intensive activities are performed quickly and accurately so your staff can focus on high-value work.

Advantix TLM Platform

Our Telecom Lifecycle Management platform integrates and organizes inventory and assets, manages tasks and activities, and provides actionable insights for stakeholders in IT, operations, finance, strategic planning and human resources.

Continuous Cost Reduction

Telecom and mobile technology management is complex and rapidly changing in most business environments. Our platform, software tools, TEM expertise and white-glove service control expenses and ensure continuous cost reduction.

Managed TEM Benefits

Auditing and allocation of invoices/charges

Simplified view of inventory and expenses

Complete management of bill disputes

Integrations with ERP systems and ITSMs

Move, add, change and disconnect services

Access to a helpful team of experts

Monitoring of spend to identify variance/errors

Invoice consolidation and bill payment

Tracking of important contract terms

Technical support from tenured professionals

Analytics to improve business outcomes

Up to 90 percent reduction in labor costs

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