Advantix Earns SOC 2 Type 1 Certification

Independent Examination Validates Advantix as a Trusted and Secure Partner for Customers and Their Data

Advantix, a global provider of wireless connectivity, managed mobility and telecom expense management (TEM) solutions, today announced it has successfully completed the Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type 1 audit. The examination was conducted by Schellman, an independent CPA firm with expertise in security testing and compliance certifications.

SOC 2 is an auditing standard developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Attaining SOC 2 Type 1 compliance shows that Advantix’s controls and processes meet AICPA’s Trust Service Principles of security, availability, confidentiality, processing integrity and privacy.

With cybercrime on the rise, businesses are increasingly examining SOC 2 reports as part of their vendor selection, procurement and risk management processes to ensure that the services and tech stacks they adopt will meet their standards for data security and privacy requirements.

“We have always been laser-focused on maintaining the highest levels of information security compliance.” explains Brian Nuckels, Chief Information Officer at Advantix. “Having a third-party auditor confirm the strength of our security posture validates our commitment to high standards, and demonstrates how seriously we take the handling, management and protection of customer data and intellectual property.”

Nuckels adds that Advantix’s executive leadership and technology teams are already preparing for a SOC 2 Type 2 audit and expect to complete it in the coming months.

Advantix and Hippo Partner on Connectivity for Virtual Care

Hippo will use Advantix SmartSIM to enable continuous connectivity for remote clinical collaboration using assisted reality headsets

Hippo Technologies, Inc., a global virtual care company delivering solutions for healthcare and medical education, announced today a partnership with Advantix, a managed connectivity provider, to enable global roaming and seamless connectivity on the Hippo Virtual Care™ (HVC) platform, allowing clinicians to collaborate remotely with frontline medical staff in the field.

Unlike traditional telehealth, which is only suitable for simple primary care consultations, the Hippo Virtual Care solution combines voice-activated, wearable headsets at the point of care with a clinical-grade platform to deliver a “through the eyes of the clinician” viewpoint, allowing First Responders to a trauma scene or remote healthcare workers at a rural clinic or patient home to livestream what they are seeing and doing to specialist colleagues who may be back in the hospital, for real-time consults on complex cases. This not only increases access to specialty care in rural areas, but also results in faster diagnosis and treatment, improving patient outcomes and dramatically reducing the overall cost of care.

“By simultaneously connecting physician specialists in the hospital and clinicians in the field with an immersive experience, Hippo Virtual Care enables advanced remote collaboration to deliver the right diagnosis and treatment the first time, every time,” says Dr. Patrick Quinlan, CEO and Co-founder of Hippo Technologies, Inc. “With Advantix connectivity, we can ensure continuous uptime in rural and remote locations that don’t have access to WiFi. This can often be critical when dealing with trauma patients in the field.”

Hippo will be leveraging the Advantix SmartSIM, which provides universal WAN connectivity with auto-failover by seamlessly connecting to leading carriers including AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile in the US, and more than 600 providers globally. With SmartSIM, if your connection fails, the device will hunt for and connect to the next-available carrier, ensuring seamless connectivity and uptime.

“Hippo is a fast-growing virtual care company with forward-thinking leadership and solutions that make a difference for clinicians and their patients worldwide,” says Natasha Royer Coons, principal and CRO of Advantix. “We are thrilled to start this partnership and play a role in helping first responders and remote healthcare workers more efficiently and cost-effectively serve patients.”

Hippo has Virtual Care deployments across diverse clinical settings including the US, UK, China, Guatemala, Nigeria, Uganda and South Africa. The addition of a global roaming solution will enable Hippo to address a multitude of remote specialty care needs enabling more efficient and better quality care delivery, particularly in underserved and rural communities.

For more information on Hippo Technologies, Inc., and Hippo Virtual Care please visit Follow Hippo Technologies, Inc., on LinkedIn and Twitter, and in Latin America visit Hippo HIVE on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Hippo Technologies, Inc. 

Hippo Technologies, Inc., is a global virtual care company servicing the healthcare and medical education industries. The next-generation Hippo Virtual Care™ platform combines the most advanced voice-activated, Assisted Reality headsets and clinical-grade software allowing clinicians to collaborate remotely in real time to deliver patient care or train healthcare professionals. In addition to supporting the delivery of specialist care in the field, Hippo can integrate seamlessly with hospital systems and connected devices for a multitude of use cases in the hospital ER, OR, ICU, inpatient wards, outpatient clinics, long-term care facilities, and in the home. With staffing shortages and clinician burnout taking their toll on the healthcare workforce in the wake of COVID-19, Hippo’s solution effectively overcomes the barriers of time, distance and training to deliver specialist care wherever the patient is located. For more information on Hippo Technologies, Inc. and Hippo Virtual Care, please visit:

About Advantix

Advantix delivers a managed connectivity experience by leveraging its proprietary SaaS platform and telecom expense management (TEM) tools to help partners and end clients proactively fulfill, optimize, manage and report on any SIM or circuit, any device or hardware type, any plan type or service, and any invoice or spend. The company’s platform integrates carrier APIs, network management and BI dashboarding, enabling partners and customers to activate, access and manage any telecom asset in real time. For more information about Advantix, please visit:

Advantix Adds ServiceNow Integration Support

Strategic Partners and Customers Can Create a Two-Way Integration Between AdvantixBLITZ™ and ServiceNow

Advantix, a global provider of technology expense management (TEM) and wireless connectivity solutions, has added a ServiceNow ticketing system to its AdvantixBLITZ™ platform. The update allows customers and strategic partners to create a two-way integration between Advantix and ServiceNow so they can submit orders and requests through ServiceNow in real time with status updates flowing in both directions.

Many enterprises utilize ServiceNow’s IT service management (ITSM) platform to manage digital workflows seamlessly across their organization. Advantix has made it easier for either partners or end customers to add ServiceNow with built-in API integrations to the AdvantixBLITZ™ platform. This will substantially reduce the investment in time and resources required to utilize the ticketing system as the front end, with the orders and requests sent and received in real time to all major wireless carriers on the back end.

“With a little development, partners and end users will have the ability to execute numerous transaction types in either platform and the systems will remain synchronized,” says Brian Nuckels, CIO at Advantix. “Orders and requests will flow in both directions, supporting their unique service models.”

A customer can submit a request for an iPhone and a new line of service through ServiceNow. Once the procurement has been approved by the customer’s purchasing manager, the order is sent to Advantix via API and fulfilled. Advantix obtains the number, activates the phone and sends the information back to ServiceNow so the data can be captured by the customer’s IT department.

Everything is enabled through Advantix’s automated BLITZ API, which communicates with carrier systems to give partners and customers multi-carrier access to device inventory, equipment, plan catalogs, billing data, payment processing, orders and more in real time.


“We can repeat this two-way integration with any partner or customer that has invested in ServiceNow to integrate the power of their preferred ticketing system with AdvantixBLITZ for a real-time and comprehensive workflow” says Nathan Brown, co-founder and COO of Advantix.

About Advantix
Advantix, a global leader in telecom lifecycle management solutions, leverages its expense management software, carrier APIs, full-service audit team, 24×7 helpdesk, and end-to-end professional services expertise to integrate, connect and manage any device and network for midsize and enterprise business customers.

ETMA Elects Natasha Royer Coons President

The Association’s First Woman and Person of Color to be Elected President Intends to Leverage Member Brain Trust to Elevate Tech Industry, Innovate Together and Grow through Partnerships

Members of ETMA, the Enterprise Technology Management Association, elected Advantix principal and chief revenue officer Natasha Royer Coons President during the association’s recent conference in Jupiter, Fla. Royer Coons is ETMA’s first woman, first woman of color, and first person of Asian-American descent to be elected to this office.

“I am honored that ETMA members elected me as president and ready to leverage their experiences and expertise to innovate together, extend the reach of our organization and grow through partnerships,” said Royer Coons. “I’m grateful for this opportunity and feel privileged to lead such an incredible association. Thank you to ETMA members and Managing Director Joe Basili for your confidence. We are going to do great things together.”

Royer Coons, a principal and chief revenue officer at Advantix, is an accomplished business leader with more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. She founded TeraNova, a managed mobility and expense management provider, which merged with Advantix in 2018. Prior to starting TeraNova, she was the leading consultant on building the mobility business unit at Intelisys and spent a decade at Sprint in both sales and engineering management. She has a MBA and graduated from UC San Diego with a double major in Communications and Asian Studies.

“Everyone at Advantix could not be more proud of Natasha as the newly elected president of ETMA,” said Nathan Brown, co-founder and chief operations officer at Advantix. “Her business acumen and relationships with industry rainmakers, executives and channel partners throughout the enterprise technology ecosystem will be hugely beneficial in opening up new opportunities and fostering further growth for the association and its members.”

ETMA is an independent non-profit association that was established by Solutions Providers for Solutions Providers. Through its executive board, Solutions Providers set the association’s agenda and priorities. All of its actions are designed to serve member companies, not to profit from them. ETMA’s mission seeks to:

• Grow the size of the Enterprise Technology Management market.
• Promote the industry to enterprises, carriers and analysts.
• Help members grow through a network of ecosystem partners, sales channel expansion, and alliance partnerships.
• Foster ongoing performance improvement through open industry standards and best practices.
• Promote fair, ethical business practices to ensure a positive industry image, and take action on ethics complaints.

About ETMA
ETMA, the Enterprise Technology Management Association is a non-profit organization with approximately 60 members managing over $71 Billion in enterprise expenses. Its ongoing mission is to raise awareness, foster industry growth, improve the quality and value of solutions, and establish industry standards. Further, ETMA members subscribe to a Code of Ethics, which clearly establishes standards and differentiates their level of commitment to their clients. ETMA does not sell consulting services or solutions.

Members provide solutions for enterprises in: Enterprise Technology Management, Managed Services, Expense Management, Telecommunications Management, Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Mobile Expense Management, Managed Mobility Services (MMS), Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions.

Learn more about ETMA online at
Twitter: JoinETMA
LinkedIn Group:

Advantix Wins 2021 Visionary Spotlight Award

ChannelVision Magazine Recognizes Advantix for Excellence in Enterprise Mobility

ChannelVision Magazine has honored Advantix with a 2021 Visionary Spotlight Award for excellence in enterprise mobility. This is the second consecutive year that Advantix has received the award.

Advantix won the award for enabling a multinational courier’s ground operators. The courier’s drivers were using handheld scanners with carrier-specific SIM cards. Because leading carriers’ coverage can vary depending on region and locale, drivers in the U.S., Canada and Mexico were operating with weak cellular coverage on some routes, or no coverage, which impacted their performance and productivity.

Advantix and a channel partner teamed to solve the problem by equipping drivers with SmartSIM-enabled handheld devices that enhanced cellular coverage with carrier switching capabilities. To make procurement and setup easy for the partner and customer, Advantix provided a custom fulfillment portal for the instantaneous activation and management of SIMs, allowing SmartSIM-enabled handhelds to be shipped “hot.”

The partner could integrate SIMs into their forward logistics and ship everything tested, kitted, configured and activated out the box for the customer and its drivers. Once equipped with the new solution, drivers were empowered with the best available coverage from leading carriers and inherent disaster recovery regardless of route or delivery location.

“We are thrilled to once again be recognized by ChannelVision Magazine for innovation in enterprise mobility solutions,” said Natasha Royer Coons, chief revenue officer at Advantix. “This award further validates our vision to empower partners and their enterprise clients with superior and future-proofed mobility solutions that are easy to use, easy to manage, and easy on the wallet.”

The courier selected Advantix SmartSIM for several reasons:

• Improved coverage: SmartSIM pairs any WAN-capable hardware that accepts a SIM card with the best available cellular network connectivity. There is no need to choose a carrier or worry about wireless signal strength because the SIM intelligently bonds to the best coverage from leading U.S. carriers and more than 600 providers globally.
• Single Rate Plan: Pooled plans with a single monthly data plan for U.S., Mexico and Canada.
• Lower Connectivity Costs: Competitive, pre-negotiated carrier pricing reduces total spend.
• Superior Security: SmartSIM provides deep packet inspection at the network layer to apply virus, malware, and content filtering.
• Seamless Ordering and Billing: There is no need to shop for price, mess with account setup, or manage multiple contracts and invoices.
• Robust Reporting: Advantix’s SaaS management platform provides business intelligence including twice monthly usage alerts and robust optimization dashboards and tools

Ultimately, by deploying SmartSIM, the courier enhanced driver safety with pervasive coverage, increased productivity by eliminating dead zones, simplified billing across US, Canada and Mexico and improved the driver’s efficiency, which enabled on-time and accurate customer deliveries.

About Advantix
Advantix, a leading provider of technology expense management and wireless connectivity solutions, leverages its expense management software, carrier APIs, 24×7 helpdesk, and end-to-end professional services expertise to integrate, connect and manage any device and network for midsize and enterprise business customers. For more information, visit

About the Visionary Spotlight Awards
ChannelVision’s annual Visionary Spotlight Awards competition was created to highlight channel and service provider innovation in communications. The awards honor outstanding products, services, and deployments across numerous technology categories. Visionary Spotlight Award winners exemplify this goal, showcasing the communications industry’s overall innovation, capacity for future-thinking execution, creativity, and feature set differentiation; and offering channel partners a cornucopia of opportunities to boost their roles as trusted providers.


Barcoding, Inc. Announces Partnership with Advantix

Partnership will focus on improving the efficiency of billing and managing cellular data connectivity for enterprise organizations

Barcoding, Inc., the leader in supply chain efficiency, accuracy, and connectivity, announces today a new partnership with Advantix, a leader in managed mobility services (MMS) and telecom expense management (TEM).

With this partnership, Barcoding will help enterprise organizations have one source for all their mobile deployment and support requirements. Following a consistent delivery framework process, Barcoding will leverage Advantix’s MMS and TEM solutions as part of their GoLive Services™ and StayLive Services™ suites.

Barcoding’s partnership with Advantix will positively impact all enterprise implementations throughout North American (U.S. & Canada).

With this new partnership, Barcoding’s mobile deployment and support teams will be able to handle all connectivity requirements efficiently and comprehensively. Barcoding and Advantix will deploy mobile devices using Advantix’s SmartSIM and will handle all administrative tasks related to telecom expense management.

“This partnership brings together two leaders in enterprise mobility to deliver solutions that will help organizations across North America be more efficient, productive, and profitable,” said Nathan Brown, Chief Operating Officer at Advantix. “Barcoding is an innovative company with a phenomenal team. We are thrilled to be working with them and look forward to a long-lasting collaboration.”

“By partnering with Advantix, we are able to streamline enterprise mobile deployments and support for our customers. One of the largest benefits to our customers is having one consolidated partner for all managed mobility services including telecom expense management. Managing telecom billing is often a huge headache – now we can take that pain off our customers’ plates,” said Shane Snyder, president, Barcoding, Inc.

For more information, visit

About Barcoding, Inc.

Barcoding is a supply chain automation and innovation company that helps organizations be more efficient, accurate and connected. With extensive subject matter expertise in data capture, labeling and printing, and mobile computing, we are trusted to build and manage solutions for some of the best IT and operations teams in the world. Founded in 1998, Barcoding is headquartered in Baltimore, Md., with offices across North America (Chicago, Houston, Seattle, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver). For more information, visit

About Advantix®

Advantix, a leading provider of technology expense management and wireless connectivity solutions, leverages its expense management software, carrier APIs, 24×7 helpdesk, and end-to-end professional services expertise to integrate, connect and manage any device and network for midsize and enterprise business customers. For more information, visit

Advantix Unveils e-SIM Provisioning for SmartSIM

First-of-its-kind EID matching method enables businesses to quickly provision SmartSIM data plans across their entire user base without purchasing and inserting physical SIMs

Advantix, a leading provider of technology expense management and wireless connectivity solutions, has introduced e-SIM provisioning for its multi-carrier SmartSIM offering.

SmartSIM is an award-winning solution that pairs any WAN-capable hardware that accepts a SIM card with the best-performing cellular network of over 600 carriers worldwide to ensure persistent data connectivity and inherent redundancy. Enterprises around the globe deploy SmartSIM in hardware devices such as tablets, mobile computers, handheld scanners, cellular routers, IoT gear and more to lower connectivity costs and improve coverage for their employees.

Now Advantix customers can deploy SmartSIMs without having to purchase a physical SIM card or scan a QR code to install a data plan on supported iPhones and iPads. The SmartSIM is electronically installed from Advantix’s proprietary TLM (Telecom LifeCycle Manager) portal using a first-of-its-kind EID (embedded identity document) matching method. The system digitally matches the EID to a device “over the air” and sends a popup that walks the user through a simple activation process.

“By uploading an EID manifest, we can provision bulk orders – thousands of devices if needed – and enable all of them simultaneously,” said Advantix CIO Brian Nuckels. “It is all automated behind the scenes to streamline the process for customers with mobile workforces. Enterprises that roll out seasonal devices to handle spikes in business, for example, do not have to coordinate with device manufacturers to ship, insert or swap out physical SIMs on premises.”

“It is a zero-touch way to install SmartSIMs and easy for users to activate,” adds Advantix CRO Natasha Royer Coons. “It’s also eco-friendly because it eliminates the need for plastic SIMs and packaging, and that appeals to us greatly.”

Apple/iOS devices supporting Advantix SmartSIM data plans include eSIM-enabled, dual-SIM iPhone models and e-SIM enabled iPads (Wi-Fi + cellular) with iOS 13.4 or later.

About Advantix
Advantix, a global leader in telecom lifecycle management solutions, leverages its expense management software, carrier APIs, full-service audit team, 24×7 helpdesk, and end-to-end professional services expertise to integrate, connect and manage any device and network for midsize and enterprise business customers.