Strategic Partners and Customers Can Create a Two-Way Integration Between AdvantixBLITZ™ and ServiceNow

Advantix, a global provider of technology expense management (TEM) and wireless connectivity solutions, has added a ServiceNow ticketing system to its AdvantixBLITZ™ platform. The update allows customers and strategic partners to create a two-way integration between Advantix and ServiceNow so they can submit orders and requests through ServiceNow in real time with status updates flowing in both directions.

Many enterprises utilize ServiceNow’s IT service management (ITSM) platform to manage digital workflows seamlessly across their organization. Advantix has made it easier for either partners or end customers to add ServiceNow with built-in API integrations to the AdvantixBLITZ™ platform. This will substantially reduce the investment in time and resources required to utilize the ticketing system as the front end, with the orders and requests sent and received in real time to all major wireless carriers on the back end.

“With a little development, partners and end users will have the ability to execute numerous transaction types in either platform and the systems will remain synchronized,” says Brian Nuckels, CIO at Advantix. “Orders and requests will flow in both directions, supporting their unique service models.”

A customer can submit a request for an iPhone and a new line of service through ServiceNow. Once the procurement has been approved by the customer’s purchasing manager, the order is sent to Advantix via API and fulfilled. Advantix obtains the number, activates the phone and sends the information back to ServiceNow so the data can be captured by the customer’s IT department.

Everything is enabled through Advantix’s automated BLITZ API, which communicates with carrier systems to give partners and customers multi-carrier access to device inventory, equipment, plan catalogs, billing data, payment processing, orders and more in real time.


“We can repeat this two-way integration with any partner or customer that has invested in ServiceNow to integrate the power of their preferred ticketing system with AdvantixBLITZ for a real-time and comprehensive workflow” says Nathan Brown, co-founder and COO of Advantix.

About Advantix
Advantix, a global leader in telecom lifecycle management solutions, leverages its expense management software, carrier APIs, full-service audit team, 24×7 helpdesk, and end-to-end professional services expertise to integrate, connect and manage any device and network for midsize and enterprise business customers.