ChannelVision Magazine Recognizes Advantix for Excellence in Enterprise Mobility

ChannelVision Magazine has honored Advantix with a 2021 Visionary Spotlight Award for excellence in enterprise mobility. This is the second consecutive year that Advantix has received the award.

Advantix won the award for enabling a multinational courier’s ground operators. The courier’s drivers were using handheld scanners with carrier-specific SIM cards. Because leading carriers’ coverage can vary depending on region and locale, drivers in the U.S., Canada and Mexico were operating with weak cellular coverage on some routes, or no coverage, which impacted their performance and productivity.

Advantix and a channel partner teamed to solve the problem by equipping drivers with SmartSIM-enabled handheld devices that enhanced cellular coverage with carrier switching capabilities. To make procurement and setup easy for the partner and customer, Advantix provided a custom fulfillment portal for the instantaneous activation and management of SIMs, allowing SmartSIM-enabled handhelds to be shipped “hot.”

The partner could integrate SIMs into their forward logistics and ship everything tested, kitted, configured and activated out the box for the customer and its drivers. Once equipped with the new solution, drivers were empowered with the best available coverage from leading carriers and inherent disaster recovery regardless of route or delivery location.

“We are thrilled to once again be recognized by ChannelVision Magazine for innovation in enterprise mobility solutions,” said Natasha Royer Coons, chief revenue officer at Advantix. “This award further validates our vision to empower partners and their enterprise clients with superior and future-proofed mobility solutions that are easy to use, easy to manage, and easy on the wallet.”

The courier selected Advantix SmartSIM for several reasons:

• Improved coverage: SmartSIM pairs any WAN-capable hardware that accepts a SIM card with the best available cellular network connectivity. There is no need to choose a carrier or worry about wireless signal strength because the SIM intelligently bonds to the best coverage from leading U.S. carriers and more than 600 providers globally.
• Single Rate Plan: Pooled plans with a single monthly data plan for U.S., Mexico and Canada.
• Lower Connectivity Costs: Competitive, pre-negotiated carrier pricing reduces total spend.
• Superior Security: SmartSIM provides deep packet inspection at the network layer to apply virus, malware, and content filtering.
• Seamless Ordering and Billing: There is no need to shop for price, mess with account setup, or manage multiple contracts and invoices.
• Robust Reporting: Advantix’s SaaS management platform provides business intelligence including twice monthly usage alerts and robust optimization dashboards and tools

Ultimately, by deploying SmartSIM, the courier enhanced driver safety with pervasive coverage, increased productivity by eliminating dead zones, simplified billing across US, Canada and Mexico and improved the driver’s efficiency, which enabled on-time and accurate customer deliveries.

About Advantix
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About the Visionary Spotlight Awards
ChannelVision’s annual Visionary Spotlight Awards competition was created to highlight channel and service provider innovation in communications. The awards honor outstanding products, services, and deployments across numerous technology categories. Visionary Spotlight Award winners exemplify this goal, showcasing the communications industry’s overall innovation, capacity for future-thinking execution, creativity, and feature set differentiation; and offering channel partners a cornucopia of opportunities to boost their roles as trusted providers.